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For over 40 years, Kawasaki has engineered highperformance engines for virtually every powerhungry category. From motorcycles to jet aircraft, heavy construction to landscaping, Kawasaki has always provided the muscle to get things done. That power-delivery expertise goes into every Kawasaki engine. And now, Kawasaki Critical Power engines will produce at least 98% of their rated horsepower, instead of the more commonly used 85%. With Kawasaki, you get all the power you expect, backed by almost a half-century of setting the standard for engine productivity, reliability and performance.

Lawncare Professionals put their engines through the toughest of tests, and Kawasaki Engines have proven they're up to the challenge; they're the critical component of the best mowers out there. What you may not realize is that you too can be mowing the same engine that has made Kawasaki the preferred brand of the Pros. Find out for yourself how a Kawasaki Engine saves you time and keeps more money in your pocket.

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Landscape and lawncare pros have a simple job: just work miracles. Turn an unruly eyesore into a showplace. Keep acres of golf greens as trim as a pool table. Manage corporate grounds like an Executive VP. They do what seems impossible every day, and behind that rejuvenated lawn, manicured course and impressive campus, there's probably a crew running Kawasakipowered walk-behinds, tractors and ZTRs. More turf professionals use Kawasaki engines because they know Kawasaki's high standards of performance match their own. For 2012, those standards are higher than ever, including a new propane engine to power the move to "green." See what we mean on the pages ahead.

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